Вышел Service Pack 1 Patch 8 Vijeo Citect/Citect SCADA 2015

Доступен для скачивания Vijeo Citect/Citect SCADA 2015 Service Pack 1 Patch 8.

Вы можете скачать новый патч с сайта поддержки Citect (необходима активированная поддержка).


Изменения коснулись:


64577 — User Location in Logged on event is not accurate in some scenarios

64653 — Second alarm server may not start when dual network cards have been configured

64758 — Cannot display alarms from an alarm server configured with dual network address

64779 — Active alarms are not displayed if they can’t be found in the alarm database


64792 — ServerIsOnline requires the cluster specified even on a single cluster system


64620 — No IFDEFHRESALM function available


64576 — Device open for a SQL_DEV log device was causing load on the SQL server and network.

64705 — Hardware alarm is raised when applying filter to the tag drop-down list in TagDebugForm

Project Development Utilities

64399 — InUse property fix in Page properties

64754 — Displaying a page containing a large number of super genie associations has become slower

Runtime Issues

64765 — I/O data does not display if running a single process system as a service