In accordance with the procedure, all appeals, complaints and claims of consumers regarding the quality of the supply of electric energy and consumer communications about the threat to electrical safety must be made in writing or electronically and submitted in person or by mail at:

city Zaporozhye, st. Zoi Kosmodemyanskoy, 10

monday – friday from 8 a.m. for 5 p.m.

phone: +38(061) 228-228-0


All disputes and disagreements that may arise regarding the interpretation and application of the Contract for the supply of electric energy in it or in connection with it, or other disputes that may arise in the interaction between the Supplier and the Consumer will be resolved through negotiations and consultations. If it is not possible to reach the consent of the Parties in the process of negotiations and consultations, the Parties have the right to apply for a dispute to the Regulator or its territorial units and / or refer the dispute to the economic court of Ukraine. Dispute settlement by the Regulator or its territorial divisions is carried out in accordance with the procedure approved by the Regulator. Appeal to the Regulator or its territorial units does not deprive the Parties of the right to resolve the dispute in court